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Heading to the Marina

I am up early to get ready for the 2 hour drive to the boat. We hit a local diner for breakfast and of course, Elvis used to eat there. On the way back from breakfast, we once again stop in at the Peabody Hotel. The ducks are going to come down the elevator for a swim in the fountain in 15 minutes and Tom and I stop in at the world famous Lasky Brothers Clothing store located in the lobby. I met the owner who knew Elvis. I touched the hand that shook the hand of Elvis.

We need to make some stops to pick up a new rain coat for me. Bo from the marina calls to make sure we are still a go and has the boat put in the water. We arrive at the marina and meet a family from New Zealand on a sail boat spending the night.

I received an email early this morning from Elvie Short so Tom and I drive over to the next marina and meet with her and her husband Roy. Very nice people and we learn from them about the next part of the journey and what to expect.

We head into Corinth to drop off the rental car and have dinner at Russells's Beef House. The T-bone was awesome but the best part was watching Big Dave, the cook, grill our steaks over charcoal. Good food and good company.

Tomorrow is the big day.

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